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  Innovation, quality and service. Always.

Innovation, experience, quality, reliability, productive flexibility and a service oriented towards the customer, are the topical points of Rudiflex business philosophy, always turned to solve the problems of each customer in the best way, succeeding in guarantee un efficient, quick and exclusive service.

The products we offer come from a careful selection of the raw materials and from productive process in the forefront.

  Our commercial staff is always at your disposal in order to supply all technical information and to answer,
in a fast and precise way, to any other specific requirement.

In its two divisions, oleodynamics and mechanics, Rudiflex has a wide range of items always available at stock and all tested by OEM Society inspections.
Rudiflex oleodynamics division includes the following products:
  • Hydraulic power packs at double stage, complete with valves groups and electrovalves directly planned and produced inside the company, as well as equipped with the relevant hydraulic scheme and with the components list.
  • Flexible and shaped hoses: the advantages of the flexible and rigid production are several: only one code as a whole, lead-time reduction of the installation, economics saving and simplification of spare part management.
  • Specific fittings on drawing or on sample obtained from bars or prints for low, high and higher pressure.
Download > Brochure Flexible hoses and fittings
   for hydraulics
Download > Brochure Hydraulic cylinders
   and hydraulic components


Rudiflex mechanical division includes the following group of products:

  • Oleodynamic components kit – hoses- carpentry items for mechanical purposes, that can be galvanized or painted.
    Our technical department is also at your disposal for finding the best solution for your complete kits consisting of a list of hoses and pipes, oleodynamic components and, for concluding, carpentry items.
  • Axles and shaft axles
    Supplying axles and axles shafts is an important business for Rudiflex. We supply OEM customers for which we produce axles and shaft axles as required in their drawings. Their sizes vary from 30 to 110 with or without brake.
  • Cylinders with bore from a minimum diameter of 30 mm up to 300 mm, for a run which can reach 4000 mm. We are able to produce this kind of rolls with simple, double effect or plunged, or anyway made on the specifications supplied by the customer.
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  Rudiflex Oleodynamic
  Hydraulic power packs at double stage, complete with valves groups and electrovalves, flexible and shaped...
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  Rudiflex Mechanical
  Oleodynamic components kit hoses- carpentry, axles and shaft axles, cylinders...
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New catalogues are ready
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